Oskar Enander gehört weltweit zu den bekanntesten internationalen Sportfotografen. Namhafte Brands wie DPS Skis, Gore Tex, Marker, Rip  Curl, Oakley, Mammut, Patagonia, The North Face uvm. vertrauen auf seine Arbeit als Fotograf. Der Schwede hat das große Glück seine Leidenschaft mit seinem Beruf zu vereinen. Engelberg in der Schweiz hat er mittlerweile zu seiner Heimat gemacht. Ich habe die Chance genutzt und Oskar ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Oskar Enander im Interview

First of all. Why do you do what you do?
– I always had a passion for photography and the mountains so the combination of that has taken me to where I am.

You are one of the most renowned action sports photographers in the world. Originally you are from Sweden. Why did you decide to move to Switzerland and why especially Engelberg?
– It stared off in 2002 when I cruised down from Sweden towards the Alps in a camper van with some friends. We wanted to stay in St. Anton in Austria but we got kicked out and  started driving towards Switzerland. We ended up in Engelberg just by chance and since then I have been here. I did meet a girl as well so that is probably the biggest reason why I stayed.

You are one of the few photographers who could luckily turned the hobby into a career. What is your secret to success?
– Hard work and don’t give up. It can take a long time before you make enough money to live from photography so you need to have other jobs that bring in the cash in the beginning. I was also lucky to get a good start and got to work with good riders fairly quick.

You travel a lot and most of us would say you live a dream. Do you feel the same?
– I would not say that the travel part is living the dream. It can get pretty tiring being on the road a lot. For sure it’s great to see all these new places and cultures but it’s not always a fairytale.

What is your hot spot location in Switzerland? (I guess the skilodge in Engelberg. :)) Which one all over the world? Why?
– Yep Ski Lodge Engelberg is the place I go to for food and beer. They just have a really nice atmosphere and most of my friends hang out there. Not sure what place to choose world wide but the Pioneer bar in Haines is a cool place. It has the rough Alaskan feel to it and when it’s a down day it can get pretty wild.

Do you have any favorite crew or person to work with?
– I just like to work with fun and motivated people. I love working with the DPS Skis crew. I have worked with them from the start and they are some of my best friends.

What will happen in 2013 and what project you are working on at the moment?
– Right now I’m out for the season because I tore my Achilles tendon two weeks ago so rehab is my biggest priority. I’ll be back next winter.

Imagine being completely free for at least one month. Where would you go and what would you do?
– If I had a nice budget I would go heli ski in Haines, Alaska without my camera and then go surf somewhere warm.

Rider: Jon Larsson<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Location: Haines. AK

Rider: Stephan Drake<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Location: Haines. AK

Rider: Jamie Pierre<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Location: Jackson HoleMehr Informationen findet ihr auch auf seiner Webseite http://www.oskarenander.com/ und bei Facebook.

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