Hannah Barnes solltet ihr kennenlernen. Sie liebt ihr Bike, die Natur und fährt Rennen. Gerade erst hat sie an der Transvesubienne teilgenommen und 2012 auch an der Trans Provence. Die Engländerin macht sich extrem gut auf ihrem pinken Bike und es ist mal wieder Zeit für ein Interview bei Outdoormind.

Interview mit Hannah Barnes

Who are you and how did you become a mountain bike racer?
I got a bike when I was 18 because my younger Brother Joe (now on the Canyon Factory Enduro Team) was racing downhill. I went to races with him, made good friends on the scene, and it went from there. Although Joe raced downhill, I got a hardtail and started with 10 hr endurance races and xc races. I have always loved being really fit and blasting around the woods, so I moved towards xc instead of downhill.

Your hometown is Fort William in Scotland. Are you living there right now? If you could choose, where would you love to live?
Yeah I live in Fort William. It is a really cool place to live… Great friends, family, awesome riding, mountains, sea, theres also a great traditional music scene (I play the fiddle).
If I could choose where to live… It would still be Fort William, or I wouldn’t still be here:) I also really love Vancouver, so I could definitely live there for a while. I’d also love to go to New Zealand, I think I’d love it there! I think I’ll always have a good connection with Fort William though, even if I move somewhere else I’ll keep coming back.

You haven’t really stuck to one discipline. Why and do you you still have no focus?
No I haven’t stuck solely to one discipline. I started off with cross country, whilst also doing some off road triathlons, some endurance xc events (10 hr solo), a few downhill races, then moved towards Enduro. It is not that I don’t have a ‚focus‘, I just enjoy lots of types of riding so I don’t see the point in restricting myself to one discipline so that I can label myself as an ‚xc racer‘ or ‚enduro racer‘ etc. Racing and riding bikes is all about having fun for me and that’s what I do. My ‚focus‘ is to get faster, fitter, and better skills, which will hopefully translate into my results. I ride because I love it, the people I meet and places it takes me. Racing is a big part of it, but not everything.

I love your new edit Home which is filmed and edited by Liam Murphy. Is there any intention behind it?
Liam asked me a while ago if I wanted to make a film together. I thought it sounded like a great thing to do, and Liam seemed a good person to work with. Planning, filming and editing was great fun and most of the time we were trying to be more serious! We had a good laugh doing it. I  just wanted it to be a chilled edit to show nice riding in the beautiful place we live, and also promote myself and my sponsors.

When you are not racing you work as a Staff Nurse. Do you try to be only a mountain bike racer and earn money with your passion?
I went to University in Glasgow and studied Nursing. I was into climbing and bouldering at that time. In the Uni holidays I went on big trips to Europe with friends to climb in cool places. I really love being a Nurse, especially working in A&E. For sure my level of riding would be higher if I had started young and focussed on it from an early age. However, I have travelled a lot, been nursing in South Africa,  raced sailing dinghys all over the country during school, lived in Alaska training racing sled dogs, spent a lot of time playing fiddle music and was in a band. My life is very balanced, and I like it that way.
It’s awesome that I am now able to earn money from doing the sport that I love. I didn’t set out to make mountain biking a full time ‚job‘, it didn’t even cross my mind! It has always been about the lifestyle, and any support has been a great bonus. Although now I am earning money from mountain biking, it means that I am able to fit nursing around my racing and other riding related commitments. I’m not fussed about having lots of material things, just the good times and memories with friends in beautiful places. It’s a great lifestyle.

What is your biggest success so far and what is your goal for the next few years?
Probably getting the Big Ben Nevis Triathlon record in 2009. It’s a really tough race and I trained specifically for that one event for 8 months. So to win the women’s by such a margin and be 5th in the guys was awesome. The next few years… Who knows! More of the same, great racing and travelling to awesome places!

How many bikes do you have? Which one is your favourite one and why?
I have four Orange bikes – a Five, Alpine 160, patriot and Carb-O road bike. My favourite is my Five because it is the perfect trail riding bike.

Where is your Hot Spot for biking? What do you prefer: mountain bike tours or shuttles?                                                                                                                        ‚Mountain bike tours‘ and ’shuttles‘ are very German phrases. By  tours I guess you mean just going for a ride, no uplift etc. That’s what we do at home and anywhere we travel to. We like to just ride our bikes, up and down. Shuttles are fun with your friends sometimes, but usually too much hassle to organise, and riding up gets you fit!

Whats next this season? Any plans and trips on your list?
The next few weeks I’ll be at home training and catching up on jobs and admin, then racing the Bluegrass Enduro near our home in Kinlochleven, then my Swedish friend Hanna and I are driving out to France to do some more Enduro races (EWS, crankworx, Megavalanche). Other big races are the MET Campilaro road Sportive (930km Toulouse to Barcelona), and the Trans-Savoie. Home for a bit, then a visit to the MET/Bluegrass factory on Lake Como, the Roc d’Azure, then finally the last EWS in Finale Ligure! :)

Anything else you want to share?
What is the difference between a JCB and a giraffe? One has hydraulics and one has high bollocks.

Thank you so much, Hannah! :)

Hannah Barnes
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Hannah Barnes
(c) Hannah Barnes
Hannah Barnes
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