A Skier Knows – Spirit Of Alaska

Neue Filmserie von Peak Performance

Die erste der fünf Filmserien A Skier Knows – Spirit Of Alaska ist online!

Peak Performance startet mit einer Serie von fünf Kurzfilmen in den Winter: A Skier Knows. Mit dabei sind Henrik Windstedt, Matilda Rapaport, Dave Treadway und PK Hunder.

Matilda Rapaport erklärt, was „a skiers knows“ für sie bedeutet: “An example for me is the distinct click when stepping into my bindings and the resistance when buckling my boots. Then I’m ready to take the first turn and all the waiting before getting to the top is over”.

Die Bedeutung von David Treadway: :  “A language between skiers that is worldwide, and crosses all language barriers. The way to learn it is to have experienced the addicting thrill of sliding down snow”.

Alle fünf Filme geben uns einen Einblick in die besten Freeskigebiete da draussen. Hier ein paar Eindrücke aus A Skier Knows – Spirit Of Alaska.

Matilda Rapaport in Alaska
Matilda Rapaport in Alaska (c) Oskar Enander
enander_o_52683 FORLANGD
Hendrik Windstedt in Alaska für A Skiers Knows (c) Oskar Enander
Hendrik Windstedt in Alaska (c) Oskar Enander

Die Launch dates:

1 – 27/10/15 – Spirit of Alaska – Henrik Windstedt & Matilda Rapaport
2 – 03/11/15 – Reflections of a decade of progression – PK Hunder
3 – 10/11/15 – The real winter wonderlands – Dave Treadway
4 – 17/11/15 – Entering a skiers mind – Matilda Rapaport
5 – 24/11/15 – Spring Shred – Peak Performance ski team & friends

There is a feeling that is shared with skiers all over the world. It’s nothing you can teach, learn or explain. It’s something you feel. Something you know.

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