Das aus Norwegen stammenden Label Kari Traa wurde durch die Namensgeberin Kari Traa gegründet. Die mehrfache Olympiasiegerin im Freestyle-Skiing hat sich nach ihrer Karriere im Spitzensport zurückgezogen und sich auf ihre eigene Sportmarke fokussiert. Zielgruppe sind unabhängige und sportbegeisterte Frauen, die Wert auf Funktion und Style legen.
Meines Erachtens ist dieses Label ein kleiner Stern am Lady`s Underwear Himmel.

Kari Traa im Interview

Hi Kari, you are a champion freestyle skier with three olympic medals. In 2006 you finished your career and started your own label Kari Traa. What was the purpose to start with something new?
While I was skiing I would fill my time on the road knitting colorful beanies I would give to friends an family – they all loved them so I started selling them. In addition to this, I discovered there was very little ski gear and base layer for women – most garments was male clothing made small – to me this translated into a need, and an opportunity – and Kari Traa the Brand – was born!

Kari Traa is sportswear designed by women for women who loves fun and sports. Is there any message you want to spread?
Absolutely – I want to build girls, their talents and their opportunities. I want to do my part in making a girl proud to be a woman – call it sports feminism. And if I am going to create great sportswear for women only – the best people to do this is women – we understand our own needs and wants better than anyone – right?

Tell me something about your products. What are the specialities?
We are famous for our colorful and fantastic quality base layer, this is our core business today. At this point we have 6 different series – ranging from 100% merino wool to super functional technical base layers. In addition to base layer we do training – and we are approaching this with the same attitude – making it fit perfectly to a woman’s body in fabulous colors.

What is your favorite product of Kari Traa?
Wow – that is a difficult question…on super cold days it must be the Rose 100% Merino Wool base layer – in a great color, or right now – while training Svalestjert Tights – in Purple – they are just fantastic!

Your website is very appealing to women. You also have a little category with worth reading news and messages. What is your thought of digital marketing and the sports industry? Do you feel a change?
Absolutely – the digital platform is extremely important, not only for Kari Traa, but for the whole sports industry. To communicate directly with our girls, give them advise on training and sports, how to dress in different weather conditions. Engage them in activities and build confidence. Though our Website and Facebook we can talk directly to woman all over the world, communicate causes we believe in and build a community of women who seek to be strong,  independent and healthy.

You are living in Voss, a small town between the Norwegian fjords and mountains. Sounds great! What is your hot spot in Norway and what is your hot spot all over the world?
I am a „girl of nature“ – I love extreme sports and I live in the perfect environment for this. I paraglide and parachute and I get to ski every day all winter. I get to raise my girls exposed to nature and sports, and this is very important to me. I get to test all our clothes in perfect condition and live my brand to the fullest. Hot Spots around the world? Every city or village have a purpose and place – I love Berlin for shopping and arts, I love NY for the amazing energy and speed, and I love Munich for its beautiful city landscape and closeness to nature –  just like Oslo.

(c) Kari Traa
(c) Kari Traa

Logo Kari Traa

What will happen in 2013? Do you have any vision?
In 2013 I will be back from maternity leave, and I can’t wait to get out there again! My vision – is to take Kari Traa to the next level – to create great social and physical arenas for woman to do sports and have fun together – and through this build female confidence and talents, and bring these women out into the world!

Mehr Infos findet ihr unter http://www.karitraa.com/und bei Facebook.

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Kari Traa