Die 33-Jährige Jackie Paaso (Jaclyn Paaso) gehört zum SCOTT Freeride Team. Skifahren ist ihre Leidenschaft und diese Saison wird sie ihr Können wieder einmal bei der Freeride World Tour unter Beweis stellen. Wir sind schon gespannt und drücken die Daumen. Nebenbei hat es ihr auch das Biken angetan. Mehr über die Athletin und ihre Leidenschaft findet ihr hier.

Interview Jackie Paaso

Hi Jacki, how are you? Where are you (skiing) right now?

I’m very good thanks! I’m currently at Squaw Valley, California enjoying some of the new snow we’ve received recently. Soon I’ll be back in my new home of Åre, Sweden to get some training in before heading down to Andorra for the first stop of the FWT.

Since 2012 you are part of the SCOTT International Freeride Team.  What are your plans for 2015 and what is your big goal?

My plans for the 2015/16 season are to compete on the Freeride World Tour as well as work on a couple film projects with my skiing partner Reine Barkered and possibly some other friends. My big goal would be to have my most successful season on the FWT to date. If all goes well walking away with the overall title would be very nice!

The Freeride World Tour 2016 is coming up. What will be the biggest challenge and what do you expect?

The biggest challenge will be playing the game. I really want the overall title which is something I have yet to achieve. My style in the past has been to put it all on the line. While that results in some great victories it’s not always the best strategy when overall points matter. This season I’ll have to find that fine balance where I can consistently ski at my highest level. I definitely think it’s within my capabilitities and I look forward to seeing the season unfold.

It seems you also are into the bikes of SCOTT. :) You are also a big bike lover, you take part in competitions and offer bike coaching. How was the season 2015 and what are your plans for the next years regarding biking, bike coaching and guiding?

Biking comes in a close second to skiing. This past season I got my hands on a Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned and trained for the last two stops of the Enduro World Series. That was quite the challenge, it’s really a sport that you need to train for year round. As a professional skier that’s not really possible but it was still fun to push your limits. I also put together some bike clinics in my home of Åre, Sweden. For 2016 I plan to compete some more in the Swedish and Norwegian Endure series. I’m also excited that the Åre Bike Park will be hosting a segment in the European Enduro Series. My goal is also to expand on the bike coaching and guiding this upcoming summer. I’ve got some plans in the works with one of my colleagues.

Jackie Paaso beim Biken (c) Reine Barkered
Jackie Paaso beim Biken (c) Reine Barkered
Jackie Paaso beim Biken
Jackie Paaso beim Biken (c) Reine Barkered

Can you see what you love most? Biking or skiing?

I love skiing the most. I made the decision when I was about 18 to focus on skiing. It wasn’t until 5-6 years ago that I got back into biking. I love biking as well but skiing is definitely my truest passion.

Anja Bolbjerg of FWT interviewed you at the beginning of this year and you mentioned your wish list when it comes to skiing. How does this wish list looks like?

My wish list, well I suppose I’ve got a few things I’d like to check off my list as far as skiing accomplishments go. One being the overall title of the FWT, the second would be to film a segment that I was really proud of. I feel like they are wishes that can come true!

What`s your ultimate skiing bucket list? Where haven`t you been?

Oh boy, I really want to go to Japan! Explore a lot more of Alaska. I’ve been to the Indian Himalayas but not with my skis. I’d love to get back there with skis. Iceland, that’s another one on my list. I’m sure I could go on for longer but those are all at the top of my bucket list!

You also run the SAFE AS Avalanche Clinics with your colleagues Elyse Saugstad, Lel Tone, Michelle Parker, Ingrid Backstrom and Sherry McConkey. Can you tell us more about this project?

In 2012 Elyse, Michelle, Sherry and I came up with the idea of SAFE AS. We immediatley decided that Lel Tone and Ingrid would be great additions to the team. We all realized the importance of avalanche education and wanted to provide a supportive enviroment for women to learn. As a group we have so much experience and knowledge combined that we wanted to share with other ladies so they could learn how to be safe in the backcountry. We also wanted to provide something that could be attainable to those with limited funds. To date we raised over $16,000 for local non-profits, awarded over 30 scholarships to ladies that needed some extra help and educated over 400 women. We hope to expand SAFE AS over the years to come!

Jackie Paaso beim Skifahren
Jackie Paaso beim Skifahren (c) Reine Barkered
Jackie Paaso bei der FWT
Jackie Paaso bei der FWT (c) D. Carlier
Jackie Paaso beim Heliskiing
Jackie Paaso beim Heliskiing (c) Reine Barkered

What is your long-term career goal and your life goal?

My long-term career goal is well pretty similar to my life goal. Whatever I do career wise I want to be passionate about. At this time I feel it’s anything that keeps me in the mountains. Another passion of mine is dogs, specificly huskies. I’d love to combine my athletic endeavors with huskies if possible. Right now, my main focus is on skiing. At the moment I want to continue to see where this ride is taking me. It’s been a pretty sweet ride so far!

Mehr Informationen findet ihr auch auf ihrer Webseite: http://www.jackiepaaso.com