Ane Enderud konnten wir für ein Interview bei Outdoormind begeistern und freuen uns sehr, mehr über sie erfahren zu dürfen. Die Norwegerin besetzt bereits länger die weibliche Freeride-Szene mit ihrem Namen. Bei der Freeride World Tour zeigt sie regelmäßig was sie drauf hat. Warum sie nach Chamonix gezogen ist, was sie im Sommer macht und worauf wir uns freuen dürfen, erfahrt ihr hier im Interview.

Ane Enderud im Interview bei Outdoormind

You are Norwegian and since a couple of years you are living in Chamonix. Big mountains for sure. Anything else, why you decided to live there especially?
Yes I have had my winters in Chamonix since 2000 and also had my all year base there  a few years. For me Chamonix is the ultimate freeski playground with unique access to very wild and inspiring terrain. But its also much more. Its more like a small city than a ski resort village and the combination this nature and the people there makes it very special. I have good friends there from all over the world and will keep on spending time there as long as I live even if I am based out of Norway right now.

You are very known in the freeride skiing scene and you are World Champion Freeride 2009 & 2010. You have been injured in summer 2009 and were not able to take part at FWT. What happened?
My last and biggest injury happened the summer 09 so I was very broken the last year on the tour. I never planned to compete many years, my goal was to win once and it became twice. The last year was not as fun cause I was so broken and full of pain and worries and only skied for the comps and shootings.
I have so many dreams on and off the mountains so staying on a tour that take almost all the season was not as inspiring after completing my goal of a title. Life has so much to offer and I need to move on to stay inspired and follow my path.

Ane Enderud beim Freeskiing
Ane Enderud beim Freeskiing
Ane Enderud beim Völkl Photoshoot 2013 in Chamonix
Ane Enderud beim Völkl Photoshoot 2013 in Chamonix (c) Ane Enderud

Pretty Faces, the all female ski film featuring the best athletes from around the world and you are part of it! How was the shooting? What was your favorite location? What is coming up next?
Yes I am proud of being a part of this project and very exited myself to see the outcome. Cause of busy schedules on many of us I have not been filming with the other girls yet. I gave them my footage from other trips to contribute to this great initiative. I was shooting in Alaska for my first time, a great experience and longed dream. And I was also traveling the north and west coast of Norway, also a dream coming true. Experience my own beautiful country and the culture was a great and I will keep on doping that in the future. I am invited to travel with Lindsay this season but don’t know much about the new project so far.

Who is your „skiing buddy“? Do you have any best friend being outside and going shredding?
I don’t have one regular skiing partner. Depends all on where I am and what project or trip I am on. But my favorite is riding on good days with the Chamonix crew or hiking around in Norway with good friends.

What are you going to do in the summertime? What is your favorite sport during this time?
My summers are always different. This summer I decided to stay home a lot and travel a bit around in Norway on impulse and follow my flow. It´s been great. A lot of tranquil mountain time, some concerts and a few boat trips. I have made a lot of food, learning how to dehydrate and ferment vegetables. Dehydrated food is very convenient now when I spend more time out hiking and tenting. The fermented food is really healthy and super to make veggie juice out of. I finally took time reading a lot of books again, chinese medicine, nutrition and other health and balance related topics. I also just started training Qigong, feels really good on the body and soul. So a bit of a contrast to the very action filled life so far with action sports all year.

Ane Enderud beim Freeskiing
Ane Enderud beim Freeskiing
Ane Enderud
Ane Enderud

Any plans for 2013? What is coming up next beside the premiere of Pretty Faces?
Right now I am about to head out of Norway for the first time since the winter. Going to Sardinia to take my diving license. Winter plans are taking form these days. I will stay in Chamonix for a few months and have a few projects planned in Norway. And then I am open to team up with the Pretty Faces crew at some point.

Anything else you want to spread?
Smile and be happy! Find your own path and create the life you want for yourself. Take care of yourself and our precious nature, it´s time for action. Don’t fear change, change fear. Spread the Love!