Die schwedische Freeskierin Matilda Rapaport des Peak Performance Athletenteams ist in Stockholm aufgewachsen und lebt seit ein paar Jahren in Engelberg. Wir haben dem Ski-Talent ein paar Fragen im Hinblick auf die kommende Skisaison gestellt.

By the way: Bist du auf der Suche nach einem coolen Job?? Matilda ist nämlich auf der Suche nach einem Assistenten, der das Skifahren liebt und bei der Freeride World Tour in Alaska ihre Ski halten kann. Es ist ein Fünf-Sekunden-Job und als Gegenleistung wartet auf die/denjenigen ein einmaliges Ski-Erlebnis in Alaska, zusammen mit einem Freund/einer Freundin. Einzige Voraussetzungen: Die/Derjenige sollte das Skifahren genauso lieben wie wir, keine Höhenangst haben und es schaffen, ein Paar Ski festzuhalten und gleichzeitig cool auszusehen. Zur Bewerbung für den Radical Job hier entlang.

Interview Matilda Rapaport

Hi Matilda. How are you doing? Where are you skiing or where is your base right now?

I’m fine and I have my base in Engelberg.

You just were part of the A Skier Knows edit of Peak Performance. What`s next?

Now I’m preparing for the upcoming Freeride World Tour season, getting in shape on skis in Engelberg and planning winter shootings. And our wedding in April, haha.

There will be the Shades Of Winter Freeride Camp in Engelberg from 17.-20. December 2015 which you will run with Sandra Lahnsteiner and Melissa Presslaber. Wow! Ladies Power. :) What was the idea and can you tell us something about the program? (Is it only for ladies?)

The idea was to gather, inspire and encourage women from all over to go freeriding and develop their skills and safety knowledge. We will mix coaching with education about avalanche safety, networking and inspirational speeches during three days in Engelberg. The perfect way to start the season. The camp got fully booked really quick but we’ll do more camps next year. And the fact that the 16 participants represent over 10 nationalities is pretty impressive I think!

The Freeride World Tour 2016 is coming up. What will be the biggest challenge and what do you expect?

My biggest challenge is to stay calm and focused so I can perform my very best. I feel more motivated than ever to test my own limits and can’t wait to get started.

Matilda Rapaport
Matilda Rapaport
Matilda Rapaport
Matilda Rapaport (c) Oskar Enander
Matilda Rapaport in Alaska
Matilda Rapaport in Alaska (c) Oskar Enander

When did you figured out you want to become a skier? And why?

I’ve always been skiing in different ways. I grew up ski racing and loved the adrenaline rush I got, especially in the speed disciplines. The step to freeriding wasn’t very long and I had great people including my boyfriend and his sisters pushing me along the way.

You worked for a long time in Engelberg managing the Skilodge. Do you miss this job sometimes? Being a „normal person“, having a „normal“ life and just enjoy skiing?

I love having the freedom that I have now and everything that I get to experience in my profession. However I sometimes miss having colleagues and working toward the objectives of a company. On the other hand I try to balance that by close collaborations with my sponsors and the consultancy work I do on the side.

Your favorite off-piste resort is Engelberg, your hometown and mountain. How is life there? I guess there is a huge contrast between summer time and winter time, right?

Engelberg is a small mountain resort and it can get pretty quiet here at times, especially in summer. But I love the nature here, all year around. And when I get tired of the mountain life I go to Stockholm for a week and then I miss it again ;) When traveling as much as I do right now its great to live in a quiet place I think.

Matilda Rapaport im Powder in Alaska für A Skier Knows
Matilda Rapaport im Powder in Alaska (c) Oskar Enander
Matilda Rapaport in Alaska
Matilda Rapaport in Alaska (c) Oskar Enander

What does skiing in general mean to you and what does it add to your life?

It adds perspective, it adds joy, great friendship and it lets me see all these really cool places in the world.

Your boyfriend Mathias Hargin is also a big player in the skiing scene. How often do you see each other in winter time? How do you handle the „work-life-balance”?

In winter Mattias and I have a hard time synchronizing our schedules, but it usually works out so that we at least see each other every third week or so, at least for a day or two. But the summers make up for it, then we can spend a lot of time together!

What`s your ultimate skiing bucket list? Where haven`t you been?

I have a lot of places on my bucket list. For example, a backcountry ski touring trip to interior BC (coming up this winter hopefully), midnight skiing in Svalbard, and heliskiing in Russia. But we’ll see ;)

What is your long-term career goal and your life goal?

To stay passionate and share that passion with others. Most likely that involves skiing in one way or another.

Anything else we need to know? :)

Haha, don’t think so. If you have any further questions, let me know!

Weitere Informationen findet ihr auch auf ihrer Webseite: http://matildarapaport.com/ oder bei Outdoormind.