Anka Martin ist eine leidenschaftliche Mountainbikerin, Mountainbike Guide, Rennfahrerin, Yogi, liebt das Reisen und die Freiheit. Grund genug ein Interview mit ihr zu führen, um mehr über sie zu erfahren.

Anka Martin im Interview

Hi Anka, you are professional mountain biker and enduro racer. What is your story? How did you became so well-known?

Gosh, I guess I’ve been around for a while. I used to race DH for about 10 years professionally and then just gradually moved over to racing enduro events and loving it. I’ve been doing the whole European enduro racing thing for about 5 years now and I am pretty happy to have achieved a lot of my personal goals at some of the bigger enduro races. Just being involved in the mountain bike industry for so many years, you get to know everyone and it becomes like a little traveling family. It’s awesome.

What means riding your bike for you?

I love riding my bikes, all of them. I love where it has taken me, and what it has taught me. It has opened my eyes to so many different cultures & countries. I love how it makes me feel and the feeling of freedom it brings to me. It has been a simple tool that has shaped the majority of my life, created friendships & hardships. It is what makes me happy & keeps me sane. It is the constant in my life.

Your hometown is New Zealand. For 5 months of the year (NZ winter) you migrate to Europe. Where are you going this year?

We base ourselves in France mainly, but since we got here a month ago, we’ve been to Punta Ala, Italy, Scotland and back to Italy again. Then were off to France for a few weeks of racing, back to Italy, Colorado, Canada, South Africa, back to France, then Italy again and then back home to New Zealand at the end of October! Phew.

Travelling is a lot fun but people come and go. Where is your family and where are your best friends?

My family is pretty spread out, some live in France, and the rest in South Africa – which makes it really tough to see everyone, but it is what it is and we try to make the most of our time in Europe to catch up with them. I have a lot of good friends back in New Zealand, but they also travel to Europe over the summer, so we still get to see each other every now and then. Most of my good friends I see during the summer at the races and we have plenty of time to catch up, ride and hang out. It is pretty awesome having great friends all over the world, as you have an excuse to go and visit them. We’re all on a similar schedule, so it works out perfectly.

You focus on enduro, downhill & XC stage races. Which discipline do you like most and why?

My passion used to be DH racing, but after doing that for many years, I wanted a new challenge and I just wanted to ride my bikes more, so I started racing enduro and I love this. I love everything about it and I get to ride my bike in beautiful, new places every year with other likeminded people. I get to explore different countries & cultures and to ride my bike.

Do you have any hot spot? Which place do you love for being outdoors, riding your bike and just relax?

New Zealand is the best! It has so much to offer, the trails are SICK, great people, amazing food & wine, the beaches are pristine, the forests are magical and it is just a beautiful unspoiled country.

Anka Martin (c) Sven Martin Photography
Anka Martin (c) Sven Martin Photography
Anka Martin
Anka Martin (c) Sven Martin Photography

Whats your favorite bike? Do you have a women specific bike?

I have been a Santa Cruz Bicycle sponsored athlete for many years now, but they have just launched their new all women’s line of bikes called Juliana Bicycles! This is so exciting and I am very excited, proud & honoured to be one of their ambassadors. Check them out they are pretty cool.

SDG designed a „Anka Martin Lady saddle“. Have you been involved into the process?

Yes, another one of my long time sponsors, SDG approached me to freshen up their women’s specific Allure saddle for this year, so this is the design that I came up with and designed for them. It is a Fantail bird – or in NZ we call them „Piwakawaka“ and they are my riding buddies in the forests, so they are very special to me.

What is your favorite women specific product or what do you miss?

A good saddle for sure! I spend lots of time in the saddle & this can make or break your adventure. There are so many great women’s products to choose from these days, I think the companies are doing a great job of catering to the women’s market.

Your husband Sven and you offer mountain bike trips & guided adventures for people who enjoy riding & exploring new trails and challenging terrain. What is your special offer? Do you also offer bike trips and guided tours in Europe? Who can book you?

Yes, we do offer guided mountain bike trips in NZ. They are proper trail bike type trips with technical riding and big, all mountain and all day adventures for those who like to explore. We specialize in small groups and the trips start from 3 days to 7 days and we can organize custom trips to suit everyone’s needs. We don’t offer any trips in Europe, maybe in the future we will, but not right now. I do guide for a company in France during the summer. Our special offer is that we will take you riding on some of the most amazing trails EVER! Anyone who likes to ride trail bikes on proper technical terrain and who doesn’t mind to pedal and do some hike a bikes every now and then, and also those who like to heli-bike, sleep in overnight huts, use water taxi’s to get to trail heads and just generally those with a sense of adventure will love our trips!

Do you have a big goal for 2013?

To ride the best that I can & to keep pushing my riding, to keep progressing & to keep having fun on my bike. Of course I would love to podium at some of the enduro races this year, and I’ll give it my everything to do that, but my main goal for this year is to ride new trails, explore new countries and experience new adventures on my bike.

Anything else you want to spread?

Find something to be passionate about, appreciate & enjoy every single day, laugh at yourself and stop every now and then to take in the beauty that surrounds us & to listen to the birdsong.

Anka Martin
(c) Sven Martin Photography

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